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Distance Learning

Due to the current circumstances with the Covid-19 Pandemic, It is not possible to conduct in-person training courses. Instead, PragueMED tutors will conduct lessons online via Zoom/MS Teams in small groups, without any compromise in quality so that students can learn from the comfort of their home.

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Would you like to study medicine in the Czech Republic?

Our Team Can Help!

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At PragueMED we aim to guide prospective medical students through the application process to study general medicine and dentistry in the Czech Republic.

We are offering 12 day courses in London and Prague to help students prepare for the entrance exams into these renowned  medical schools in the Czech Republic. We have a diverse team of tutors that are united in providing a simplified, well-structured approach to passing these entrance exams.

We aim to tailor the academic experience so that students are able to focus on topics that are considered high yield and ultimately feel more comfortable sitting the exam that will start their journey into medicine and enable them to become fully qualified doctors.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced Medical students who understand the challenges that applicants will face. Our mission is to help students excel in the entrance exams and study medicine in Czech Republic at the prestigious schools like Charles university.

Feel Assured with PragueMED

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A comprehensive course to make sure you pass the entrance exam to study medicine in Czech Republic at the top Medical Schools.

Interactive teaching to ACE entrance exams for Czech medical Universities

Help with mastering exam technique

Special Bonus

Buddy system specifically designed to ease any issues in your first year.

All  resources will be included in the package so you will have everything you need to succeed.

Also includes a free  personal tour to show you around your new medical school in the Czech Republic!

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From previous students and colleagues. 

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Elisabet Strand

Medical Student

I first met Zain and Adit when we started to study medicine in Czech Republic at Charles University almost 5 years ago.

Throughout our years at school they have continuously supported, pushed and inspired me through their positive attitude and kindness. They are some of the most hardworking, dedicated and reliable people I know.

They will give 100% in order to make sure you ace your exam so that you can have the same great experiences as we had.

Samir Ali

 Medical Student

I want to recommend Zain Awan, Adit Mohan and Aditya Mansabdar.

They have proved themselves to be reliable & hard-working students in the many years I’ve known them. Whenever I have had any doubts in any of my examinations they have been there to help resolve any issues I have had in my examinations. 

I have the utmost faith in them to provide a great course and cater to the needs of aspiring medics who would like to study medicine in Czech Republic.

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Palak Sharma

5th year Medical Student

I can safely say that this agency is tutoring for excellence by hiring passionate teachers.

One of the tutors called Aditya, dealt with my difficult request with teaching me anatomy for my finals very promptly but has also helped me achieve my mark in my clinical years!

I would strongly recommend their services to other students wishing to study medicine in Czech Republic at Charles University

Omar Shaltout

5th year Medical Student

Adit, Aditya and Zain are positive and result-driven professionals with a great passion for teaching. 

Their global perspectives, exceptional community development skills, and collaborative natures make them excellent leaders who bring enthusiasm and outstanding results to their peers and students. 

They provide feedback tactfully and are great at coaching others to improve their skills. They excel at motivating people to reach their goals and objectives. I highly recommend them for those wishing to study medicine in Czech Republic at Charles University

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