Charles University

Founded in 1348, Charles University in Czech Republic is one of the oldest universities in the world. It has kept up with the times without forgetting the past and is now a modern cosmopolitan school offering Degrees and education in various fields. Charles University Medicine Faculties in particular are highly reputed worldwide.



Why choose Charles University to study medicine?

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It has 5 medical faculties in Czech Republic and 3 of them are in Prague. It also has huge research capabilities, both inside Czech Republic and internationally. It is currently 1st in research capabilities in Czech Republic, so much so it amassed almost half a million points for all of it’s research activities ( according to national research assessment methods).



Staff at Charles University have taken part in major research projects, one example includes CERN so you can be sure that you will be joining a revolutionary and advanced college!



The university has nearly 50,000 students. 7000 of these are international students, so rest assured you will meet people from very similar backgrounds to yours while you study medicine in Czech Republic.

Lastly, I’m guessing you’re thinking about your future career prospects? 


There is no need to worry, It has the highest rate of employment in Czech Republic. Furthermore, every year there are recruitment agencies that come from all over the world to offer jobs to future doctors studying medicine in Czech Republic.

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First faculty of Medicine

Second faculty of Medicine

Third faculty of Medicine




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