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We are a company founded, managed and run by students. Our goal is to help guide future generations to apply to study medicine in Czech Republic at Charles University

PragueMED works hard to provide you the best possible service.

Are you looking for an all inclusive intensive course to succeed in the entrance examinations to study medicine in the Czech Republic? Then look no further!


PragueMED's Aim

After attending so many different types of courses run and operated by various brands, we realized one fundamental thing; these teachers have never sat this exam, understood the pressure or even provided an effective method of passing. That was the day that PragueMed was born. Having been through the process ourselves, we feel that as students we are far better prepared to teach anyone how to pass the medical entrance exams into Charles University to study medicine, because we have been the ones that have actually stressed, studied, and thankfully passed them.

After studying medicine at Charles university, we comprehend what topics are likely to be examined by the tests, because to put it simply we have been doing it for years here. We understand the system that is used and how best to combat it for the best results. We are equipped with experience and determination to help others succeed in their goals.

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Our Team

aditya 2

Dr. Aditya Mansabdar

chief academic officer

I am a General medicine graduate. Throughout my academic life I have always been involved with teaching, especially in tutoring young medics in various anatomy and histology workshops at university. As Chief academic officer, I intend to tutor future medics in a manner that is clear and professional. 


Zain Awan PragueMorning

Dr. Zain Awan

founder & ceo

Coming from the United Kingdom, I can honestly say coming to Prague to study medicine was one of the best decisions I have made. I am a general medicine graduate with a previous degree from King’s College London. Using the experiences I have gained, I will personally oversee operations as the  CEO of PragueMED and make sure our students will receive the quality education that they deserve.

Adit Mohan PragueMorning

Adit Mohan

chief operating officer

I am a 6th year general medicine student at LF1. As the Chief operating officer PragueMED, I will be in charge of reaching out to our students and making sure that all their concerns are addressed and ensuring that there is no compromise in the quality of the services we offer.  My time studying in Prague has given me invaluable experience with communication and people skills which are vital skills that I can use as COO.





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