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The faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové commenced its educational activities in 1945 as not only the first but one of the most reputed university faculty in East Bohemia.The Charles University Hradec Králové faculty was established as a part of the Prague Faculty of Medicine and due to their co-operation and assistance, it founded a high quality teaching staff and an effective departmental structure in Hradec Králové. Charles University Hradec Kralove is considered the birthplace of cardiac surgery in Czech Republic.Medical degree study programmes in General Medicine(6 years) and Dentistry (5 years) are arranged along the lines of theoretical, pre-clinical and clinical studies in theoretical and pre-clinical departments, clinical departments and institutes.

Course Overview for Hradec Králové​ Faculty of Medicine, Charles university

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1st and 2nd year: Help students recognise and become familiar with normal physiological processes in a living organism.

3rd year: Introduction of pathological processes and assists students in acquiring and mastering basic practical skills for Propaedeutics in internal medicine and the Basics of surgery.

4th and 5th year: Subjects are focused on individual fields of clinical medicine. 6th year: Subjects are taught mainly for long-term practical training in departments such as Internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, maternity wards and paediatrics.

Another key benefit is that UK/EU citizens can register with GMC directly after graduating, making it easier to work in the United Kingdom.

Exam Syllabus for Hradec Králové​ Faculty of Medicine, Charles university



  • Viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Cell biology (structure and function of organelles)
  • The cell cycle (mitosis, meiosis)
  • Mendelian and non-mendelian modes of inheritance
  • Basic human biology (organ systems and their roles)
  • Ecology and species diversity
  • Classification of organisms and taxonomy and evolution



  • General and inorganic chemistry
  • SI unit conversion
  • stoichiometry
  • molar equations calculations
  • nomenclature and formula writing
  • organic chemistry reactions
  • Biochemical structures (Amino acids, saccharides, lipids)
  • Citric cycle
  • Structure of DNA and RNA
  • Physics

    • Scalar and Vector quantities
    • Newton’s laws
    • Properties of solids, crystal lattices, liquids, surface tension and gases
    • Principles of electric current, Ohms law
    • Magnetic field and electromagnetic induction
    • Optics and acoustics


    Entrance Exam Layout at the Hradec Králové faculty of medicine

    The Hradec Králové faculty of medicine offers it’s 6-year General Medicine Program in English. The examinations will be in person if Covid-19 restrictions are eased. The entrance exam only consists of a written section and no interview. 


    Date of the entrance exam: 20th May, 2021. Deadline for registration: April 30th 2021


    Stages of the Exam

    Part A - Written Exam

    The entrance exam for the Hradec Králové faculty of medicine consists of only one part: A written MCQ test with 4 sections:
    4.Basic human anatomy/physiology
    Each section is 20 points totaling up to 80 points. A correct answer is awarded 1 point; no points are awarded for a blank answer and -0.25 points for a wrong answer.

    Location of Hradec Králové Faculty of Medicine, Charles university




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