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The key feature that differentiates us from other courses is simple, our teachers are themselves medical students. Our team has analyzed how best to efficiently and effectively teach this course, all of whom have gone through this process.


We offer a 12-day long course where we teach pupils the skills necessary to comfortably succeed in their entrance exams. all of our teachers have extensive teaching expertise teaching first and second-year medicine/ dentistry students. For this reason, we will take a much more personal approach because we understand how stressful it is to study for an exam like this.


The structure of the course will involve going over some basic theory for the core subjects of the exam (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and highlight the cycles/ concepts that are more high yield for the exam.

We focus on the MCQ aspect of the exam, clearly explaining the point system and advising how best to approach each question. Furthermore, we recommend methods for time management in each section of the exam. Critical thinking skills will also be improved for more challenging questions.


The depth of knowledge required for these exams is comparable to the British A-level system, with some areas requiring further study. The entrance exam for each of the faculties includes its own syllabus. Our courses for each individual faculty are tailor-made to focus on the specific requirements. As most pupils applying are either high school graduates or post graduate students, they should be fairly familiar with the basic concepts of each subject. The skills we have developed during our time at Medical school has proved to be invaluable, as it enables us to relay high yield information to students and quickly clarify areas of confusion.

The entrance exam has three total sections, of which biology and chemistry are compulsory and the student then has a choice between maths and physics for the final section. In our experience we found the Maths questions were very advanced and challenging compared to the physics questions which only required understanding the fundamental concepts, for this reason our intensive course teaches Biology, Chemistry and Physics only.

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