Second Faculty of Medicine

The Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine continues the nearly fifty-year-old tradition of the former Faculty of Paediatrics of this University. The Second Faculty of Medicine offers both pre-graduate and postgraduate education to students, doctors and other professional staff working in all fields of medicine. A total of about 1,000 students are presently studying at the Faculty, concentrated at the Motol University Hospital, which is not only one of the most developed and largest hospitals in Europe, providing total health care for both adult and paediatric patients but also currently one of the most easily accessible from Prague metro. PragueMED can help guide you to achieve a place at Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine.

Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine

Course Overview

Preclinical study in years 1-4. clinical studies start from 4th year

second faculty of medicine

Theoretical and Preclinical disciplines are taught in the first three years. The fourth year is a mixture of preclinical and clinical subjects. The focus then changes to education in clinical disciplines which is organized in the form of blocks in the fifth and sixth years.


Students see patients already at 1st year – visits to GP´s offices are included in curriculum which is one of the salient features of the Second faculty of Medicine. The study programme of the subsequent years also includes practical training in special health institutes both in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic.


Students receive practical training in nursing care (second year) and in internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics and paediatrics (fourth to sixth years). The medical course for international students is conducted in English at the Second Faculty of Medicine.

The Medical Board of California recognises the medical degree from the Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine and enables doctors to practice without converting their degree; only a few European Medical schools have this advantage (including the Charles University First Faculty of Medicine). Another key benefit is that UK/EU citizens can register with GMC directly after graduating, making it easier to work in the United Kingdom.

Exam Syllabus



  • Viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Cell biology (structure and function of organelles)
  • The cell cycle (mitosis, meiosis)
  • Mendelian and non-mendelian modes of inheritance
  • Basic human biology (organ systems and their roles)
  • Ecology and species diversity
  • Classification of organisms and taxonomy and evolution



  • General and inorganic chemistry
  • SI unit conversion
  • stoichiometry
  • molar equations calculations
  • nomenclature and formula writing
  • organic chemistry reactions
  • Biochemical structures (Amino acids, saccharides, lipids)
  • Citric cycle
  • Structure of DNA and RNA
  • Physics

    • Scalar and Vector quantities
    • Newton’s laws
    • Properties of solids, crystal lattices, liquids, surface tension and gases
    • Principles of electric current, Ohms law
    • Magnetic field and electromagnetic induction
    • Optics and acoustics


    Entrance Exam Layout at the second faculty of medicine

    The second faculty of medicine offers it’s 6 year General Medicine Program in English. The examinations will be held online and in person if Covid-19 restrictions are eased.The entrance exam is divided into 2 parts, a written section and an interview. 

    Stages of the Exam

    Part A - Written Exam

    Written part A multiple response test in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Logic with 15 questions in each subject carrying 60 points. 4 points are awarded if all correct answers to the question are selected and all incorrect answers remain unselected and the total number of points that can be acquired for the written test is 240. The exam will have a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes

    Part B - Interview

    Students with the best results in the written test are invited for interviews conducted by and examination committee consisting of 3 faculty members. Two discussion topics for which up to 60 points can be obtained will be randomly drawn. Applicants have to demonstrate their interest in the field of study, their ability to discuss topics related to medicine and substantiate their opinions.

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    Location of Charles University Second faculty of medicine




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